Fall Gathering // Styled Shoot

Well, we had a blast this fall planning our launch. It had everything: Popcorn, rootbeer, pumpkins, s'mores and of course, awesome people! This crew seriously was so much fun to work with, We also were blessed with the amazing talent of AE Photography. This girl is not only one of the most encouraging people I have ever been around - she really knows how to make everyone feel comfortable in front of her lens! Check out more on her story and her business this coming Friday, on the JGE Blog. We also were so honored for this shoot to be featured on Inspired By This - We don't think it could have gone any better, but let us know what you think!!

When you think about all the gatherings that happen this time of year, there is some real inspiration for creating an inviting and warm space - i've put some of my favorite tips together below for you!

1. Embrace seasonal colors 

The colors that make up the season are inherintley warm and inviting. Play up the plaids and warm golden tones to really give your gathering that inviting aura. Look for props that easily compliment those golden tones like pumpkins, lanterns, and wooden furniture. You can easily match up solids and patterns together for a more elegant feel.

2. All about the food

Fall and winter make up the half of the year that makes you just want to curl up and eat some pie or drink a piping hot cup of cider - same goes for your gatherings! It's really easy to run by your local market for supplies and prepare a elegant brie and meat plate or an incredibly yummy casserole or stew. Keep it simple - people love appetizers, and it's easy to fill your guests up quickly while keeping your stress level down. We'll be sharing some of our favorite recipes down the road, so keep an eye out!

3. Make it easy

Keep it simple, and keep yourself sane. Guests are coming to your gathering not to see how much work you put into everything looking like perfection, but to honestly enjoy themselves. There is a balance between presentation, and laughing about slightly burning the turkey. Create a space that makes it easy for your guests to lounge and laugh together - formality and structure tends to make a party feel rushed or too organized. When in doubt, pick the top 5 details that you want to be just right, and find some way to give yourself a little break on the others. Details can make a space, but your nerves can break it! 

Remember, if you need advice or help planning your next gathering, visit our "Packages" page and fill out the form to receive our best plan for you!

With all the love,

S & N