It's one of our favorite holidays, and this year N and I are making a list of all the things that we're grateful for this year - the main one being the launch of JGE! It's been such a whirlwind, and we've learned so much. By now, y'all have seen how passionate we are about small businesses and supporting shopping small. If you're thinking of starting your own business or have questions and just want to know the process we went through, we will have a post coming soon for you! 

For now, here are some thoughts from S and N about what we're most thankful for in life.

S: I am so thankful for family. My sweet husband, my community and my parents have been an endless supply of support and love during the launch of JGE. I know that there is no way that I could have found Noelle, or pursued my dream of bringing joy to others without them! The encouragement is the best gift I could ever receive. There are so many people and circumstances waiting on you to fail or mess up, but having those there to hold you up and to remind you that you are fully known and fully loved no matter what you do. That truth right there is what I am MOST THANKFUL FOR. Jesus's sweet love and never ending grace is really what life on this earth is about. Reflecting His love for His people, taking care of each other and looking out for each other - I'm so grateful that I get to witness that personally through every season of life. To Noelle, as sappy as it is, I couldn't have found a more talented partner than you. You are so incredibly kind and creative - Thank you for your patience and your incredible friendship. 

To our readers and clients, please take time to focus on what is good in your life. You may be in a season of hurt or darkness or maybe a season of joy and deliverance, but through it all there is good in people and in those that are in your life. Seek people out who will hold you accountable but love you deeply. Be thankful, and let them know the impact they have on your life. You have all had a great impact on ours, and we are SO grateful for you every day! With that being said, make sure to eat plenty of turkey and spend time with those you love most today!


N:  Goodness. Where do I even begin?  First and foremost, I am thankful for the FREE gift of salvation from God through His son, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I have nothing. He has blessed me with wonderful parents, in-laws, friends, community and a ( good lookin' ) husband who loves me unconditionally. I am thankful for you, Sarah, for treating me like a sister since our very first encounter. I am humbled to get to work alongside you and draw inspiration from your ambition and genuine desire to bring happiness to others. And a big thank you to our readers and clients for having confidence in JGE. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

 I am also thankful for the simple things in life that are sometimes overlooked, one being the magnificent and intricate creation we live in. Think about the thousands of different kinds of birds there are....and flowers…and trees…and animals…and bugs!!! Bugs are actually fascinating little boogers if you really take time to look at them. It's truly mind blowing how detailed they are. A few more simple things I’m thankful for include, the kisses my husband gives me every morning as I leave for work, the beautiful church bells that chime hymns every weekend right by my house, the warm greetings when I walk into work on a Monday morning, tiny hugs from my nephews, a delicious home cooked meal from mom when I visit my parents, a friendly hello from someone I don't know and so much more. I feel like a lot of us (including me)  tend to focus on what's missing in our lives instead of focusing on the little blessings that are right in front of us every day. I hope that you will take time to look for those simple things to be thankful for this season and every day after...  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!


We're Live!!

Guys… we are so beyond pumped to introduce Jillian Grace Events officially to the world. We have had so much fun rebranding, and putting together some beautiful packages and plans for your upcoming celebrations. We want to be able to share our vision for what JGE represents, and why we're doing what we love most! So grab a cup of coffee (or tea), a blanket, and your planner and find out why JGE should plan your next celebration!


Q: What made you decide to take on this venture?

Noelle: After discovering that Sarah and I have the same passion for celebrating life through event planning,  we carefully prayed and talked it through with our husbands and decided to take a leap of faith by creating JGE.  I thrive on the anticipation right before people arrive at our events as well as the gratification that comes after the event has concluded. Another reason I decided to take on this venture is because I know a lot of people get overwhelmed when they think about planning an event/party. Perhaps they know how to throw a party, but don’t have the time. They may not even get to enjoy their own event because they’re either worried they forgot something or they’re exhausted from staying up late finishing last minute details. I love that JGE is able to take on all the responsibilities and be a breath of fresh air to our clients so that they can have a fun stress-free time at their event. 

Q: Why event planning? 

Sarah: I've found that I really have always had a passion for organically bringing friends and family together, and making the space feel inviting and warm. There is something about seeing a kids face light up, knowing that all of their friends and family have come together to celebrate their life, that makes me want to make that as magical an experience as possible. The same goes with showers, graduations, or even simple holiday parties. I love to live in the details and know that those can really make an experience extra magical. None of that works though without organic fellowship and friendship… you can't will that into being. Even better, if everyone attending doesn't know one another, I truly believe those details will create an atmosphere that makes it easy to branch out and meet someone new!

Q: How did y'all come up with the name Jillian Grace?

Noelle: A lot of people have asked us this question and it's kind of a funny story! Sarah and I had been brainstorming a name for our business for a few weeks, then one day Sarah thought about incorporating our middle names somehow. She did not know what my middle name was at that time and just started playing around some ideas beginning with her middle name, Jillian. While she was doodling, the word Grace came to mind and how it seemed to flow effortlessly with Jillian. She was conflicted because she liked the sound of Jillian Grace a lot, but did not want me to feel in any way left out. She quickly texted me, "Hey! What's your middle name?" I wrote back, "It's Grace! How come?" ...... Then the rest is history!  

Q: What's your favorite part of the whole process from start to finish?

Sarah: Seeing the clients vision come to fruition is definitely my favorite part - and through that process, building a new relationship with the client is also always a blast. Each event is a new way to express a new creative thought and see that come to life. I also simply just love seeing people having a great time, and letting all the anxieties and troubles go away, even for a short time. 

Q: Where do you hope to see Jillian Grace in the future?

Sarah and Noelle: We have goals and dreams for JGE, but we also trust that our relationship with our clients will help us know the direction our business needs to grow. Our most prominent goal is to provide our clients with the most exceptional experience possible, and to focus on them, rather than ourselves and what we want out of it. We hope that Jillian Grace will become a symbol of joy and community, while taking the burden of trying to do everything at once away so that you can enjoy your events wholeheartedly! Our tagline is "Creating beautiful ways to Celebrate" - I want that to be what we are about in future, as much as it is now.