Farmhouse Birthday // Girls Celebration

It may be dark, stormy, and pouring today but nothing can hold back my excitement to share with you this lovely celebration! Taylor Alexandra Photo did some amazing things with her camera, and we are just drooling over these gorgeous photos... and how precious are the girls?!! They were so much fun, and we had a blast making their birthday dreams come true :)

The theme was Farmhouse Tea Party, and the activities included painting and flower crown making (how dreamy can you get right?). The girls absolutely loved the chance to get their hands dirty, and we were so impressed with their artistic abilities! It truly was the perfect party for them. From the moment they arrived, their faces lit up with excitement for all the things we had planned for them... and for, you know, the cake (which really was too gorgeous to eat).

Yes... that white chocolate popcorn was gone in about 5 minutes...

We just can't handle how well all the detail came together...

Just look at those little faces!!

The first activity of the night was painting - we used 8X10 canvases, wood painting pallets that we hand crafted, and many different types of brushes. They also got to use their cute hand-made, personalized tea cups with their names on them! Sarah hand-lettered all of the tea cups herself, and the girls just loved them. We really were impressed with how talented these girls were - serious painting skills.

Taylor Alexandra Photo

Taylor Alexandra Photo

Isn't she the most joyful thing you've ever seen?!

And then came the flower crowns... be still my heart. These girls had some serious artistic capabilities - I mean we were really impressed!

Guys, we have a secret for you... Not only is Noelle an incredible painter, but she can bake!! This cake was too perfect, and the thing birthday dreams are made of - and she made it. What can this girl not do??

I mean, it was blue.

We really think we could die from cuteness overload right now... but we can't because we have many more Celebrations and Gatherings headed your way! Remember, if you want some of these "sigh worthy" details at your next event, head to our Packages page and fill out the form for a detailed package plan straight from the JGE team!

So for now, au revoir, but we'll be back soon with more gorgeousness on the JGE Blog!

With All The Love,

S + N